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Red Shift Cams® RS528 for Twin Cam®

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Red Shift Cams® RS528 for Twin Cam®

For quiet engine operation and power when driving at medium speeds, through the mountains, no problem!
Red Shift Cams® RS528 cams are the perfect compromise for your larger Harley-Davidson® 96, 103 engine.
These cams take a stock engine and turn it into an extremely fun to ride and quick to accelerate motorcycle.
These cams are the most powerful produced cams in the industry for engines with unmodified heads

  • Use with stock or adjustable rods
  • Available with chain drive and gears for Early and Late model engines
  • Use code 07-Up for 2006 FXD engines
  • Chain Drive: Use Red Shift Cams® Twin Piston Chain Tensioners (# 413-901) for improved reliability of cam torque components, maximum throttle response and reduced valve block noise.
  • New high performance cam bearings and tappets are recommended with any cam gearbox.

For 96CI, 103CI and 110CI Twin Cam engines
Perfect for 2007-2016 Touring or 2007-2017 Softail and 2006-2017 Dyna

"This product is not always in stock at our warehouse, but ordered at the time of sale from the manufacturer himself, so it has a delivery time of about 10-15 working days."